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We are a specialized organisation in providing capacity building and institutional development to public and private organisations. Our team is constantly consolidating its skills and qualifications with worldwide evolution and is looking forward to working with your Organisation to face new challenges together.



Who are we?

MIRL is specialised networking organisation building links between organisations committed to making a change in the Mediterranean Region.

MIRL aims at providing advisory services to promote democracy and development through inclusion, cooperation and sustainability practices.

Our team

Our team is composed of highly experienced professionals combining regional understanding and technical expertise from democratization, human rights, election, private sector development and overall good governance activities.


Capacity Development Activities

Building capacities is a cornerstone of the activities of MIRL. Supporting public and private organisations to improve their efficiency and their performance: support to project management, access to funding, networking opportunities and project design.

  • Trainings of civil servants in the development of their capacities
  • Coaching of private companies for the implementation of new corporate culture

Institutional Development Activities

Working with organisations to improve their processes including communication and awareness activities. Thanks to the experience and tailor-made approaches we have developed with different public institutions, we help them to meet their objectives and improve their performance for developing a participatory, transparent and effective system of governance.

  • Opportunities and stakeholders mapping
  • Assessment of Human resources and policy definition
  • Functional review and operations renew
  • Legal framework analysis and approximation
  • Communication strategies

MIRL has constantly many open vacancies in the different projects under implementation.

If you are interested, please send us your CV to info@mirl.eu.


According to our local network experience, here are some of the examples of Projects to be implemented:


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